Terms & Conditions of Sales


The tenant cannot under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises after the expiration of the period initially provided for in this contract.


The reservation becomes effective once the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the reservation and a copy of the contract signed before the date indicated on said contract. A second copy must be kept by the tenant. For internet reservations, the agreement of the General Conditions of Online Sale and the IT contract replaces the signed contract. Your bank details are intended for taking out guarantees. The total amount of the stay will be paid 30 days before the tenant's arrival. The rental concluded between the parties to this deed cannot under any circumstances benefit, even partially, third parties, natural or legal persons, without the written agreement of the agent. Any violation of this last paragraph would be likely to result in the immediate termination of the rental at the fault of the tenant, the rental proceeds remaining definitively acquired by the owner.


For reservations made by mail, telephone or internet, the tenant does not benefit from the withdrawal period, in accordance with article L.121-20-4 of the Consumer Code relating in particular to the provision of accommodation services. provided on a specific date or at a specific frequency.


Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter:

has. Before entry into enjoyment:
If the cancellation occurs more than 30 days before the planned date of entry into the premises, the deposit of 25% of the total amount of the stay remains with the owner but it can be used for another stay. If the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the planned date of entry into the premises, 100% of the price of the stay is due, unless the owner re-rents the gîte for these same dates, in which case the amount paid may be used for another stay.
Some promotional offers or special offers are not cancelable. In this case, and in the event of cancellation, the cancellation fees representing 100% of the total amount of the stay will be taken from the account associated with the bank card which was used to take out the guarantee.

b. If the tenant does not show up on the day mentioned in the contract:
After 24 hours and without notice to the owner:
This contract is considered terminated;
• 100% of the price of the stay is due.
• The owner can dispose of his rental.

vs. If the stay is shortened, the rental price remains with the owner. No refunds will be made.


- Before entering the premises: the owner reimburses the tenant in full.

- After entry into the premises: when the termination of the contract by the owner occurs during the rental period, it must be duly justified (failure to pay the rent, bad check issued by the tenant, proven deterioration of the rented premises , complaints from neighbors, behavior of an animal that does not comply with our rental conditions (see article 15), presence of tenants not specified in the contract, etc.). The owner reserves the right to retain the amount of the security deposit under the conditions specified in the ""security deposit or deposit"" paragraph. Whatever the cause of termination, the entire amount of rent remains with the owner.


The balance of the rental is paid 30 days before arrival at the premises.

Article 7. ARRIVAL

""Weekly"" rental begins, unless prior agreement, at 5 p.m. The tenant must arrive on the specified day and time mentioned in this contract. In the event of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must notify the owner. The owner is there to welcome you, he shows you around the house and informs you of all the practical details. The owner hands over the keys to the gîte.


A detailed inventory of furniture and various equipment is given to the tenant upon arrival at the premises. Any dispute must be made within 12 hours of arrival. This inventory constitutes a contradictory inventory when the tenant leaves. The state of cleanliness of the rental upon the tenant's arrival must be noted as soon as possible. Cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the tenant during the rental period. End of stay cleaning is the responsibility of the owner. However, the tenant is required to leave the premises in good condition, under penalty of being charged exceptional cleaning fees. By ""good condition"", we mean tidy places, free from excessive dirt and a clean kitchen.


On arrival, a security deposit, the amount of which is indicated on the contract, is requested by the owner (300€ for the Logis du Meunier, 400€ for the Cours du Moulin and 600€ for the Villa des Lettres). It is returned by the owner within a period not exceeding one week, after the contradictory inventory of fixtures or in the event of early departurepreventing the establishment of the premises on the same day of the tenant's departure, deducting, if necessary, the cost of restoring the premises and the costs of replacing the elements and equipment made available if damage is noted. If the costs of restoring the premises should exceed the value of the security deposit, the owner will keep it and bill the tenant the sum corresponding to the difference between the value of the security deposit and the actual value of the work or the redemption damaged parts and will produce proof by presenting invoices, photos or any other evidence.

Article 10. TOURIST TAX

The tourist tax is a local tax that the customer must pay to the owner who then pays it to the public treasury. This is not included in the rental price. It amounts to 1.27 Euros per adult person per day.


The tenant uses the rental in a peaceful manner and makes good use of it, in accordance with the purpose of the premises. Between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., the tenant and his co-tenants must respect the silence of the premises.

Smoking is prohibited inside the lodges. Smoking is allowed outside in the garden.

All equipment listed in the inventory must be returned to the place it occupied when entering the premises.

The tenant undertakes not to move large furniture and in all cases to return the furniture to the location in which he found it upon entering the premises.

The pitching of tents or parking of caravans or any form of camping is strictly prohibited on the entire property.

Our lodgings are located in a Natura 2000 classified area and our guests can enjoy wide open spaces and proximity to wild animals. The customer acknowledges accepting with full knowledge of the facts the possible disadvantages linked to the rural and country environment as well as those linked to the animals which live there.

The customer undertakes more generally to respect the instructions of good manners which will be indicated to him, those which apply to everyone when living in a community and these general conditions of sale.

It is strictly forbidden to organize noisy parties or any other type of large gathering in the lodges.

The rental cannot under any circumstances benefit third parties. The agent must provide accommodation in accordance with the description he has given and keep it in serviceable condition.

The tenant cannot assert rights against the lessor in the event of theft or material damage to the rented premises.

The tenant cannot object to a visit to the premises if the lessor or his agent so requests.


The number of occupants cannot exceed the capacity indicated on the contract. If the number of occupants exceeds the capacity, the owner may refuse the additional people or require a rental supplement. Any modification or termination of the contract will be considered at the initiative of the customer.


The tenant is responsible for all damages arising from his fault.

The tenant must be insured by an insurance policy covering the risks of fire, explosions, water damage, theft which may affect, in addition to his personal effects, the rented premises and the equipment and furniture furnishing them as well as the recourse of the neighbors and rental risks (resort type insurance). The owner may require an insurance certificate or, failing that, a sworn declaration.

Consequently, the tenant will not be able to exercise any recourse against the lessor in the event of theft, burglary or criminal acts of which he could be a victim in the rented premises and the lessor declines all responsibility for the recourse that his insurance company could exercise against the tenant in the event of a disaster.

The tenant's attention is drawn to the fact that minors operating on the property are placed under the sole and entire responsibility of their parents or persons having authority over them.


If the complaint concerns the inventory of fixtures or the descriptive condition of the rental, it must be made, in writing, within seven days of arrival. The owner and tenant must encourage amicable settlement. For other disputes, the tenant can contact, without time limit, a representative body.


Our animal friends are accepted in our lodgings with the following reservations:

- the tenant must inform the owner at the time of booking of the presence of one or more pets;

- the tenant must have Civil Liability insurance covering the animal;

- the animal must be up to date with its vaccinations, tattooed or chipped;

- the tenant must ensure the compatibility of his animal with children as well as with our own animals on the property;

- the tenant must under no circumstances leave his pet alone in the gîte;

- pets are strictly prohibited on sofas and bedding as well as in swimming pools;

- the tenant must ensure the cleaning of the gîte accordingly: absence of excrement in the gardens; excessive presence of hair or odor in the shelter

We do not charge extra for welcoming your pet. However, if the excessive presence of your animal is noted during the exit inventory, a cleaning fee of €75 will be retained from the security deposit with an additional bill corresponding to the costs incurred by the restoration. condition of degraded property.

Failure to comply with the above conditions relating to the reception of pets ipso facto cancels the rental in accordance with article 5 ""Conditions of termination by the owner"" above.


Access to the swimming pools is private and strictly reserved for gîte guests. Minors are the responsibility of their parents who are responsible for sole supervision.